Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Baby Eli is ten months old today. Yesterday, we were at the tot lot, and a little girl - maybe 18 months? - enthusiastically waved and said bye-bye to him as we were leaving. He lifted his arm in response, and it seemed pretty darn deliberate to me.

I texted his mom and said that I think he just waved bye. Her response was, "Wow! He's been doing something new almost every day."

When I went to leave, a few hours later, I waved bye to him and said it, and he most definitely waved back at me. I grinned at him, his mom clapped, and he scooted* over to me so I picked him up and snuggled him. I handed him back to his mom, went back to the door, and waved and said bye again, to actually leave this time.

Not only did he wave at me, he deliberately said "ba-ba-ba" as he did it, looking at me. OMG you guys. That made my day SO much better. He's officially waving and saying goodbye, and I was the honored first chosen!

Yes, I know that's ridiculous. But life around here has been in a bit of a funk, so it was a wonderful, day-brightening moment. His mom said he waved to daddy on the phone later. I think the phase of more recognizable communication has begun!

*He's one of those kids who scoots rather than crawls on all fours. He can do the latter, but he's much faster at army crawling/scooting. Though lately all he wants to do is cruise.

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