Monday, April 4, 2011

Planning parenthood

Is the title a reference to Planned Parenthood?  Yes.  V and I just came back from volunteering there, making condom-and-info packets to give out at various events.  As she said on the way home, as semi-monogamous, mostly-lesbians, we've never been around so many condoms.

And of course, if I'm mentioning Planned Parenthood, I'm going to have to talk about the defunding campaign.  I don't get into politics on this blog (nor, really, in real life).  But this isn't about politics; it's about families.  That's where I do get involved, and easily frustrated.

Lesbian and gay families have to plan parenthood, in most cases.  We need surrogates and sperm and fertility clinics.  Straight families have the opposite "problem."  They need birth control and the morning after pill.  Sometimes, they need abortions.

Am I a personal fan of abortions?  No.  Do I think they should be available?  Absolutely.
But this isn't about abortions.  It's about Planned Parenthood, and, contrary to what some people declare, that name isn't synonymous with abortion.  It's more synonymous with condom packets and breast cancer screenings.  It's about keeping women healthy, and helping them do exactly what their name says: plan parenthood.

We gays are forced to plan parenthood.  Sometimes the straight folks need a little help.
So how about we continue to give them that help, and keep everyone healthy?
Four colorful Durex condoms at a time.

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