And Me

I am, as the header says, a nanny in my early twenties.  I went through four years of school and came out with a degree that says I can write, and then my girlfriend wife, V, and I moved from our conservative Christian campus (where they didn't know she was my girlfriend) to a city in the midwest that is slightly less conservative.  I started working with kids since I knew we weren't ready to have our own.  My grand plan was for that to reduce my driving desire to be pregnant (hence the blog title), but so far that hasn't worked.

V just graduated with her Master's in Montessori Education for 3-6 year olds, and we've moved yet again, to a larger and even less conservative midwestern city. She's starting to teach, and I'm connecting with new families while at the same time missing many of my old ones. We're continuing the photography business, now that there's a little more time since the evil graduate school is over; basically, there's always a project or five going on around here.

One of these days we'll have a baby of our own, but in the meantime I have plenty of others to talk about.  If you really want to learn about us, start here and check our our whole backstory. There's some fundamentalist religion, a dash or two of scandal, and a sappy wedding.

I love comments and conversation, so please feel free.  Or, you can email me at finding - and enjoy reading!