Monday, November 18, 2013

Gay things

I've been thinking about Gay Things lately. I'm reminded of that quote, about gay weddings; paraphrasing, I don't park my gay car before eating my gay lunch, so why must I have a gay wedding. Macklemore's Same Love has been on the radio for quite awhile now, and yet I still tear up or come close every time I hear it.

His timing on releasing that song really was quite perfect. A year ago, I don't think people were ready for it. But now, I watched a video on kids' reactions to finding out that gay people couldn't get married in every state, and one of the little boys said "It's all the same love, like Macklemore said." Regardless of whatever he (the singer, not the boy) does with his career and life, that is a legacy I would be proud to have.

There are lots of people who are okay with V and I being gay, and being married. There are lots of people who are happy for us. In a lapse in public education, there are even more people who aren't aware of the discrimination that still exists: I have told countless people about DOMA over the years, to their absolute shock; the fact that people can be fired for being gay is another huge issue that most people seem to have no awareness of.

But there's a level that goes beyond being okay. It's the line that gets me, every time, in the song.

"No freedom till we're equal...DAMN RIGHT I support it."

That's what sends chills up and down my spine. No waffling, not even just blatant support; a declaration that is the more poetic form of "Duh!" The number of people who aren't just saying "I'm fine with gay marriage," but actively saying, "Damn right I support it," is growing. And that brings me to happy, astounded tears.

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