Saturday, August 28, 2010

By way of introduction

Jumping into the blogging world is always slightly intimidating. Will anyone ever read this? With luck, yes. And when they (you) do, there's a good chance you'll want some information about me. Not that I know a lot.

I'm twenty-one, and currently living in a Midwestern city with my girlfriend; I'm a nanny to pay the rent (and because I love it). I’m originally from the mid-atlantic region (Maryland is neither north nor south, folks), then moved to southeast Tennessee for school. I recently graduated from a conservative, private college with a BA in English with a Writing emphasis, which means that even though my career has nothing to do with writing, I have to write about it. Plus, have you seen some of the things kids do? That kind of comedy doesn’t need to be forgotten.

My girlfriend, V, is a bartender, so the stories we swap about our jobs couldn’t be farther apart—though come to think of it, there are some similarities. Demanding more to drink, for instance. She knows how badly I want children, and fully supports me spending my days with them in hopes to postpone my own pregnancy. But one day we will have kids; until then, we have two cats who practically count.

There are six kids who provide humor and hair-pulling to my days, spread across three families.
First, Patrick and Lilly, almost two year old twins, who are in that delightful stage of learning to talk and how to run away in opposite directions.
Next are Jacob, 8, and Caroline, 6, who I spend every day with after school. They’ve made me officially a soccer almost-mom. A soccer nanny?
Lastly, Shelly, 4, and Paul, 2, who I don’t technically nanny, but spend lots of time with since they’re my friend Eve’s kids.

Now that you’ve put up with my snippets of my own life, the spotlight can change to the rambunctious under-10s and their baby-wanting, girl-loving, slightly-crazy nanny.

A quick note about privacy: the children I watch are not mine to chatter about, so I’ve changed their names as well as the names of their parents or any other characters who may crop up. Just be thankful I resisted the urge to rename them Vladimir and Hildegard. (It would have been funny…)

Last but not least, welcome!

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