Saturday, August 28, 2010

I should be in bed

But now I have a new toy and I want to fill it up with words. I would pick one of the busiest weeks of my recent past to decide to start writing again. But that part of me that loved being a Writing major (though preferably not one taking five English classes per semester) likes to make itself known at random moments, and spending all day with tiny(ish) tots only encourages it.

I’ve just put the twins, who are almost two, down for their nap and finished cleaning their dishes, so once their father gets home I’ll be on my way. As far as the twins go, it was a pretty good day. I took them for a wagon ride and an older gentleman stopped at a red light told me I had a good-looking family. I hope one day I will, but in the meantime, I can pretend. Soon I’ll be headed over to my after-school kids, with a quick stop to see my girlfriend, V, in between. V is a newly-hired bartender who’s been studying her ears off to learn all the specialty drinks; she’ll only work part-time, but since the fellow she’s training with works constantly, she’s been gone more than she’s been home.

This post has taken twelve hours: I started at 2 after I put the twins down for a nap, and now it’s after midnight and I’m finally home. In moments like this, no matter how much I want my own baby, it’s so nice to have a quiet house. If only there were no cats squabbling in front of me.

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