Monday, February 25, 2013


Last Saturday, I watched Patrick and Lilly for the first time in close to a month. Patrick has finally broken his pacifier habit (which he'd still had for naps and bed), and he got to pick out bedding as a reward. His crib sheets were always white or light green, until he got a yellow-and-white pinstripe (and Lilly had a matching pink-and-white pinstripe). Now his bed is decked out like he really wants it-

After two years in first place, yellow has conceded to pink as Patrick's favorite color. His Easter shirt is pastel pink (with an awesome bowtie); he and Lilly have matching pink Hello Kitty toothbrushes; his dance tights (yes they are both in ballet) are pink.

I don't know if his parents are allowing him to express more, or if he's more comfortable expressing more, or what--but it's awesome. He's already such a sweet, fun kid, and now he's super cool on top of that. I mean, how great is it that his bed is Minnie Mouse?

They were talking about going on trips, and how they switch beds when they're traveling - they each have little mini air mattresses. "Because he likes princesses," Lilly said, "and I like cars."

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