Saturday, March 9, 2013


I suppose it looks like I vanished again, but I promise I didn't. V and I went out of town for our anniversary, and had an absolutely delightful time. We stayed in a real, live hotel! That always makes me feel luxurious. Plus, I got to watch Jeopardy twice. That's always a highlight of hotels. (I'm strange; I know.)

It's difficult to be back, when we know we're relocating in a few short months, and all our attention and energy is focused on that. I should do the very present problem of the dishes, but I'd much rather go through the craft room and mark things to get rid of before the move. And so on.

Also, our dear little orange fluffernutter kitty is shockingly obese. The other two are thin as rails, so I don't even know what to do with this mound of orange fur. Except try to stop her from eating. At all.

Life rolls on, toward graduation, toward moving, toward a new start. Is it possible for me to be a lurker on my own blog? I'll work on something interesting I can share.

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  1. Happy anniversary! Sounds like a nice time. I'm with you on the packing. I'm moving states in june and I want time to speed up but I also dread the actual packing and moving. No need to do interesting stuff that's blog-worthy! I think real life blogs are the most fun to read :)