Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Future hope

We're moving in 3 1/2 weeks. V's family was here for graduation last weekend, and it went alright, though we're very glad to have the house back to ourselves.

I've seen Kali twice this week, yesterday and today, and both days I've struggled to not be emotional. I texted V, "Can we have one that I won't have to give up?" I don't know what it is about her in particular, other than the fact that I've been fairly involved with her since she was a few weeks old, but she's definitely going to keep part of my heart here.

In general, though, I'm looking forward to moving. A new start, a new place, a new source of income. No new cats!

And it will be the end of this dreadful school-ness. Right now, V is in the home stretch of a 2 week intensive science course, plus another 5-week Montessori course, plus she has to write her master's thesis. At the end of that, it's over. All over.

We realized that she's been in school since two months after we got married. No wonder I don't feel like I have a wife, sometimes. I'm ready to have one. And a life, again. It's been rough. Here's to improvement, in a few more weeks.

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  1. I'm always so glad when I check back here and you've posted something new! I inadvertently stumbled across your wedding photos the other day when checking out photographers for a friend of mine. Lina, your photos are absolutely beautiful and the ceremony looked so perfect. The eternity flowers were such a beautiful touch.

    My girlfriend and I are a bit of a way off getting married yet (plus it isn't legal in Aus. Yet) but reading about the daily life of women so similar to us makes us feel connected to those forging similar paths. Thank you for allowing us that glimpse.