Sunday, June 30, 2013

Baby time

Watching a 9 month old has put me back on baby time. For once I'm not talking about my baby cravings, though those have been predominant lately. What this fellow has been giving me is a perspective that I haven't had in awhile.

Each. Blade. Of. Grass. Is. Fascinating.
Oh. My. God. A. Stick.

It's adorable, and mind-numbing, and eye-opening, and I'll confess that sometimes I sit and play on my phone while he pokes the same squishy block over and over. But he's just learned how to pull himself to standing, with a little cruising on the side, and things really are an adventure.

I'll update more soon, about both him and the 4.5 year old girl I watch in the afternoons. I'm working a lot of hours, but so far I'm happy with it. Two really good families. I'm having a strong desire for familiarity that hits often, since this is my first city change in three years...but this move is ideal.

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