Thursday, June 13, 2013

More potties

I was accidentally tricked into potty training again, though not in as malicious a way as that sounds. Kali, Danielle, and Laura's mom is taking a 3-day teacher recertification class, so I'm on day 2 of 8-hour days with these three. Thankfully Kali still naps for the last hour and a half, and her sisters go upstairs for quiet time at the tail end.

Last weekend, their parents decided to do a potty training boot camp with Kali, so off came the diapers, on went the undies, and life has proceeded as close to normal as it can. This child has a bladder of steel; she held it for 6 hours yesterday. Today we've had one accident and one success.

But really, the families I'm talking to in our new location I specifically chose because the kids weren't potty training age - one is too young, the other well past it. I guess this is my send-off from this baby, though. Yippee?

My "plan" was to become over-saturated on these three, so it wouldn't be as hard to say goodbye. Leaving will still be difficult, but the saturation part is taking effect, at least at the moment. I'm ready to go home. Instead, I have writing to do.

Last night we said goodbye to two families, including Bug and Andrew's. Their parents made us dinner, and then their mom started crying when we went to leave, which almost set V and I off. We feel so much like family - she was talking about how we were, and how we've known Andrew since he was born - and it's hard leaving family behind, family that I'm actually really attached to.

Tonight, we go say goodbye to Patrick and Lilly's family, but the kids are coming over (with their new nanny, who I like) for a playdate tomorrow, which should both make tomorrow better and make it easier to say goodbye to them for real without their mom hovering over us.

And then, we move.

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