Saturday, April 16, 2011


From what I hear, it's a common fear that the gays (or "teh gayz"?) are trying to convert everyone to their same-sex lovin'.  It's a stupid fear.  I'm sure there are some who think that in general gay people > straight people, but they're in the minority.  I like straight people.  Sometimes I even like kissing them.

All that said, I do happen to have a handful of good friends who would make awesome lesbians.  I'm not even sure I can elaborate on that statement; it's just something I know (and V agrees).  I don't think they should immediately run out and find a girl, turning their backs on men everywhere.  I think in part it's me wanting a more gray society: less self-proclaimed 0s (and 6s) on the Kinsey scale, and more willingness to contemplate variety.

Therefore, when I found out last night that a good friend made out with a girl, it made my night.  The circumstances are irrelevant for the moment; it's just the fact that it happened.  That she was willing to go with it.  That I'm sure it was super hot.  I don't want to make everyone gay, but it sure makes me happy when people are open to the possibility of something different.

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  1. Love you :) Thank you for your support as I wade through this grayness.