Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My latest blog obsession has been one of those creepy people I find who are creepy only in the sense that I have odd similarities to them.  I discovered We Are Fambly through searching for two-mom blogs; during the course of my stalking, I learned she had an older blog, Bananie, which chronicled more of the pre-kid life.  While I don't know much about her, she has a Pentecostal background, a strong Episcopalian bent, and now two kids.  (To the author: if you ever come across this, and that's not how you'd like to come across, sorry!)

This quote really hit home for me.  I mean, ouch:
"Who knew. really. who knew, once upon a time, that sweet little bananie would grow up to be one of them? who knew that i could possibly become a threat to the institution of marriage? or rather, the stepford idea of an institution of marriage that has never existed. one man. one woman. one picket fence. one nation under god, quite divisible, with liberty and justice for one man. one woman."

So true.

And another, which I can totally relate to: "whoever thought i'd understand the love of God so much by being an abomination?"

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