Friday, April 29, 2011

Sockies and socialization

I am slowly losing the ability to say "socks."  Most of my conversation on the topic is with the twins, and they only ever say "sockie" or "sockies."  Naturally, I've taken that up.  I don't mind my job getting involved in my life, but when I ask V to find me a pair of black sockies, it's a little worrisome.

What's more worrisome is the twins' complete lack of socialization.  I've been out with them a few times, and they absolutely refuse to engage or talk to anyone outside their family or me.  While the neighbor's son, who is the same age, runs over to me to show off his new shovel, Patrick and Lilly press themselves against my legs and into my lap.  They turn into silent statues.

V, who has met them at least five times, has probably only heard them say that many words.  Now, these kids are chatterboxes.  Completely so.  And it baffles me that they are so reticent around others; I would love to get them more comfortable and, well, normal.  The little girl V watches is close in age to them, and we're starting playdates, so I'm hopeful that consistent interaction will start breaking down their little walls.  But in the meantime it's frustrating.  They're hilarious, adorable, active, talkative kids, and no one would ever know.

I'm trying to figure out how to work on that.  At least at the park today, V and her little girl got a "Goodbye" out of Lilly.  It's a start.

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