Monday, October 1, 2012


Last week, Offbeat Mama ran a piece entitled My Son the Cross-Dresser. The article was fascinating and familiar. I've written before about Patrick's bow-wearing tendencies and love of "girl" things; he takes full advantage of having a sister with princess goodies and pink things. Lately, they get into dress-up, and he takes a blue pair of those awful plastic dress-up heels and clunks all over the house. I'm still not sure I've seen Lilly even put any on.

Apparently, when the family went to a picnic a few months ago, with the twins' group they are members of, he caused quite a stir by wearing a bow in his hair. I know this because Laura and Danielle's family went as well, and their mom commented on how cool it is that Patrick's  dad really doesn't mind.

Today, for their birthday, I took them to go get balloons. Lilly picked out a clear one with flowers and a bird. Patrick gravitated straight for the Disney princesses. So I bought it for him, and he latched onto it for the rest of the day.

I love my boy. I love his flexibility, even though he doesn't know it yet. I love his zest for life and adoration of all things sparkly. He makes me smile.

Dress-up in action


  1. I encourage gender creativity in the (so far, pretty normatively gendered) kids in my life. I loved the OBM article about queer parenting last week, and of course I love reading stories about genderbending kids like "my son the cross-dresser." Three or four of the blogs I follow are ones featuring gender variant kids by their parents who are trying to do the best by their kids, gender weirdness and all.

    1. I'd be interested in seeing those blogs! I'm fascinated by the topic, partly because of Patrick, and partly because I'm not all that comfortable with super "boys' boys" so I'm totally behind gender variance in boys. Selfish, I know!

    2. I think you might be interested in this blog then written by the mother of gender creative boy obssesed with Disney Princesses:
      and I can't find another awesome blog T_T

      In fact you might also be interested in some of the blogs recommended in a HuffPo article by a wonderful author that I follow on tumblr:

      If you are interested in transgender kids, there are some pretty awesome british documentaries in youtube and I like this blog:

      If you like manga, I really recommend Hourou Musuko by one of my fave manga artist about trans* children, a slice of life type (she also has a coming of age about lesbians called Aoi Hana):

      I also really really like a manga about intersexed people that is incredibly sweet:

      The first volume is dedicated to Hiromi and Ryoma and from then onwards to Haru.

      If you end up enjoying the manga and want more recommendations, send me an e-mail to
      I hope at least some of the links are interesting to you.

      Have a nice day!!

  2. PS: I remembered another gender non-conforming boy:

    This is the mom's blog:

    And I forgot to include the blog of Amelua soi here it is:

    See you!

    1. Ooo, I'll have to check out these and the ones you mentioned above. Thanks!!

    2. I feel like I might be been kinda annoying commenting again but I read a NYT article that has links to more blogs of gender non-conforming kids like Pink is for boys:

      Here`s the NYT article:

      Sorry if I'm bothering you with too much material XP

    3. Never too much! I've heard of that one, but I'm not sure if I've ever looked at it.