Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Patrick's bows

The twins, as you all well know, are a boy and a girl (or what's commonly known as b/g twins, on those acronym-laden websites).  Lilly has longer hair than Patrick, and usually has a clip in it to keep it out of her face.  This inequality cannot fly, however, and so Patrick routinely says "Bow too!" whenever I pull one our for his sister's hair.

It's really adorable, and his parents do the same thing.  Today I took them both out in the stroller, her in a white shirt, green sweater, and purple flower clip, and him in a red shirt, white hoodie, and red flower clip.  I love the fact that their parents don't panic about him having "girlie tendencies" and don't blink when putting bows in his hair.  Sure, it doesn't show up in formal pictures or anything, but still.  I like that he knows he can wear them too.

And there's just something awesome about walking down the street with a girl and a boy in hairbows.


  1. I saw a little boy at a park i frequent in a dress just like his big sister! i thought it was so awesome. I loved your post on offbeat mama.

  2. That's awesome!!! And thanks. :)