Monday, February 18, 2013

Checking in

I always told myself that if I decided to stop blogging, I would post about it, instead of just slithering off into semi-accidental silence. Apparently, 5 weeks later, I have decided to come back, prompted by two very sweet messages from readers.

And what has been happening in the past month-ish? Everything, and more of the same. There has been so much writing for work that I haven't had the desire to write here; I think that might be settling down some, at least for the moment. I've been with Kali two or three days per week. She's 22 months now, and starting to turn into a 2 year old - though still as adorable as ever. I'll put up a picture or two soon.

V is trying not to drown in grad school, and get her resume perfect so she can send it out. We've settled on where we want to move! So this summer, everything will be in transition, but we are insanely excited. I'm very ready to go, and am resisting the urge to go ahead and get rid of a bunch of stuff. We're slowly working our way through the house.

So, people of the Internet: I'm up for writing more. But I'm not with children nearly as much, which was much of the original focus of this blog. If you want me to keep writing, what sort of things are you interested in seeing? I thrive on feedback! (Says the writing major.)


  1. Have definitely missed you.
    You're such a good writer, just keep writing life stuff. It is interesting and inspiring. (:

  2. I agree with Donna :) just write life stuff for you

  3. Was wondering when we'd hear from you again! Thanks for the updates. I'm glad your new job seems to be going pretty well. Moving is always exciting (for me anyway), I hope it goes smoothly.