Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just when I think I've got it down...

V came to work with me today, and met Timothy and Tessa (and, briefly, their mom). They loved her, she loved them, as I'd expect. I've really been enjoying those kids! Timothy had soccer today, and at the last minute Tessa decided she wanted to stay with her friend next door instead of come with us. That threw me off, but Timothy and V and I drove to the soccer field. As he was hopping out of the car, he asked, "Ball?"

Well, that was on the kitchen counter at home. With his water bottle. Twelve minutes away.

He stayed at practice and we drove back to get it; on our return trip, I missed a call from his mom, who was meeting us at the field, wondering where we were. V kept telling me that mothers forget things all the time, but still. I'm kicking myself.

Tomorrow starts my new schedule with Wednesdays off!


  1. At least all you forgot was the water and ball! I have forgotten changes of clothes during potty training and a lunch when we were out doing things that I had planned for weeks. I have forgotten everything but my kids, and SOME parents even do that! Forgetting things is part of parenthood (or nannydom in this case) it will happen and all you can do is smile and go on with your day!

  2. Haha! Yeah, as long as I have the kids, I guess I'm doing alright.