Tuesday, October 12, 2010


V came to work with me today (which always makes me happy), and as we were driving Timothy to soccer, Killer Queen came on the radio. V and I both love Queen, so I turned it up and we started singing, and within seconds, Timothy and Tessa chimed in from the backseat. Awesome kids. Rock Band is good for something; who knew?

Also, I've introduced the twins to the concept of freckles. It's blowing their two-year-old minds. They point, I say "freckle," they say "eckle," I said "yes, freckle," they say "boo boo?" and I say "no, just a freckle." Repeat twenty times, and you have my lunch conversation. It's adorable.

Tomorrow I have off! And the twins are traveling, so I won't see them again until next Thursday. Which will give my arms time to recover from another grueling round of wagon-pulling.

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