Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yesterday was the first day in months where Patrick and Lilly both were acting out. She was a monster; I don't even know how many tantrums she threw, including one while we were over a friend's house. Patrick, too, was whiny and refusing to share. It's like they'd regressed a year.

Today, she was an angel. I love when she does that. He unfortunately hadn't snapped out of anything, and was a mess, but we dealt. Tomorrow we have gymnastics; Thursday, we're meeting their mom at work for lunch. Friday I'm off, because they're leaving on vacation. I'm off all next week! I'm still stunned.

Speaking of Friday, V's parents get here that day. They're leaving Sunday afternoon. We have lots planned: the zoo, a ball game, ikea, good food. And her mom had mentioned that they want to bring a housewarming gift, so we were trying to think - maybe the $30 rug we like at Ikea.

And then she texted an estimate figure to spend that was three digits. It wasn't $999, but neither was it $100. We both stared in shock. V's theory is that this is an unacknowledged wedding present. I'm... still in shock, apparently. But I"m actually working my way through my cleaning list!

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