Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I don't know when the last time was that I had days off while we were at home. It's phenomenal. Can I do it more?

Yesterday I slept in, did a puzzle, did some work online, and ran errands. Today I'm watching Kali this morning and Seth and Isabella this afternoon, but even so, just not having the twins on my brain is a break.

I shouldn't say not having them on my brain. Not having to think about specifics (lunches, outings) is a break; they're very much on my mind, though. Patrick has called me every day they've been gone. Heart, melt.

V loves her teacher and the class, despite it being at 730, so that's a big help. She's been working so hard at this degree, and I can't wait for her to have a break from it all...next summer? Though, in a month, she'll only be in one class, and that will probably feel like a break.

Also, I'm okay if June wants to stay in the low to mid 80s. I can handle this.

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