Sunday, June 3, 2012


If I get any more on my metaphorical plate, I'm going to start eating off a casserole dish. Since stress causes me to make lists, I'm going to do just that.
  • My mother shipped me ten giant containers of my childhood. She's moving, therefore downsizing. When I moved in with my dad in my mid-teens, she packed my room up so my sisters could have it. Now I'm dealing with the fallout of that.
  • As of last night, that fallout included a roach. At least, we're telling ourselves it came out of a box and isn't just around partying with its friends. Our landlord is coming over shortly (thank goodness we're renting), but given that we discovered it at 5:30 this morning when the cats were stalking it, we slept on the couch downstairs. Until noon.
  • Yesterday was the recital for the preschool/elementary dance company that V works for. That means this past week has basically been tech week, and so the house has gone to shit. Really, it's bad.
  • Which is a bigger problem than usual, since V's parents are coming to visit this Friday, and staying until Monday. I have five days to make a hopefully-not-roach-infested, giant-box-filled, horrifically messy house look like something I want to present to my mother-in-law.
  • I'll be doing a lot of it myself, which is understandable: this is V's last week of May term classes, so she has lots to finish up; she'll be gone every evening. Usually I try to do a chunk, or at least help out, but I'm not sure I'll even be able to.
  • Money isn't super tight, but it's not lax either. I have small hopes of being able to sell some of this stuff my mom sent me, but that's a whole 'nother chunk of time and energy. Anyone else collect Breyer horses as a child? American Girl stuff? Or inherit a 200+ bell collection from their great-grandmother?

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  1. I have a wall full of Breyers waiting for me to cull a handful of favorites and put the rest on ebay. And my Kirsten doll and all her stuff are waiting for a niece or daughter to come along and play with them. lol