Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm so angry I can hardly get words out.  I should be waiting until I'm more coherent, if not rational, but I need to vent.  Venting to V doesn't really suffice, since I know she already knows and feels the same way.  And I've deleted three different passive-aggressive facebook statuses already.

The trip to V's family went really well.  Each one seems to go better and better.  But without fail, not too long after coming home, something will go sour.  Now it's the fact that I'm considering changing my name, and that our picture is going to be on a book (more on that later), and that obviously this is getting more and more serious.  And therefore harder to get out of, whenever we come to a proper understanding of Gheezus again.  Sorry.  Is my bitterness showing?

We're married.  There is a marriage certificate, signed/certified/notarized, with both of our names on it.  This means, among other things, that we don't plan on "coming to repentance" anytime soon, nor on leaving each other, nor on thinking your narrow-minded interpretation of the world has any impact whatsoever on my actions.  (That last part, directed at V's mother.)

I know I can't expect them to throw up their hands in surrender.  But I had a faint home that us getting married would trigger some sort of "Well, guess they mean it" response.  Instead, almost a year later, there's still wailing and gnashing of teeth that we're still more committed.  Newsflash: remember the "death do us part" thing in the vows?  (...though I'm not sure we had that in there...)  Yeah.  It's true.

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