Saturday, February 18, 2012


We did a photoshoot yesterday with a mom and her adorable, tiny three-month-old.  And I got to hold the baby briefly at the end.  So little!

Also, someone found V's website by searching "crossdressing friendly photographer" and our city.  Whoever it is hasn't contacted her (yet?), but seriously, how awesome is that?  Much love to Google Analytics for telling us, too.  That darn time-waster.

I've been busy lately stressing about money and trying to better my French.  Those are the top two things on my brain at this exact moment, but of course there is always more.  V and I were thinking about going out dancing tonight; since we're currently child-free, we might as well take advantage of it...though I think she has a headache.  May try the UU church tomorrow morning, too.  We'll see.

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