Thursday, February 23, 2012


I watched Seth and Isabella today for the first time in months.  Somehow, I'd forgotten how much I love those kids.  Isabella turns 3 in a few months, and Seth turns 5 right after her birthday.  We played with legos in the basement for a long time; Isabella built up a tall tower and said, "Look, it's Coit Tower, and this is Telegraph Hill!"  ...Did I mention that I love them?

Then she started singing, "I've been high, I've been low."  Seth joined in: "I've been yes, I've been no..."  I was trying my hardest to place the song, when they both sang out "I've been rock and roll and disco, won't you save me San Francisco!"

Again with the love.  Also, I think Isabella has more hair than head.  It looks awesome.

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