Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Monday, the kids were wonderful. We ran errands, ran around the mall, and had a fun, sweet time. We bought a few things to donate to the local hospital's NICU, per their mom's request, and the kids melted my heart by picking up rattles and teethers and saying "We should get this for the babies too!"

Yesterday, Tuesday, they were awful. I was in a mood, and they were in a mood, and I was so glad to be almost done. Counting down the hours until I left, when it was only three and a half hours to begin with.

Today, I told them I was going to start a new job, writing, and someone new would be taking care of them. They've met her, and she'll spend the next two days working with us; I tried to focus mostly on tomorrow and Friday. They'll have plenty of time to not have me around and adjust, but for now, let's just take it one day at a time, and talk about how we'll introduce her to our music teacher, and our preschool teachers, etc.

I'm not sure how much they got. Patrick leaned over and latched onto me at one point. When I dropped them at school, I filled their teacher in. She knelt down and told the kids, "How exciting, you'll have someone new to take care of you!" and both looked a little shell-shocked still.

It'll be rough. But I got the words out today, and that's a start.

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