Sunday, November 25, 2012


Tomorrow begins the new normal: me working from home, writing; Trina with the kids.
I already knew this was a good decision, but after coming back from our Thanksgiving trip without the sense of dread I usually have, it's been reaffirmed. I didn't realize how much of my not wanting to come home stress originated with work.

Now I get to stress over making enough between this writing job and odd babysitting, but that's a new stress, and, at the moment, it's not nearly as bad as the old one. I'm more anxious to hear how tomorrow goes with the kids. I just texted Trina telling her she could text me with any questions or concerns; I'm not admitting to myself how much I want to hear from her tomorrow.

As for our Thanksgiving trip, we visited my mom's side of the family. Everyone was there except my mom and stepdad and the kids--which made it perfect. My mom is the sole uber-religious member of that clan, so V and I spent our evenings drinking, playing bullshit, and swapping stories with my uncles, aunt, and older cousins. Add in good food, my grandparents putting us up in a hotel (which I think was their silent acknowledgement that they know, and it is okay), and only having to drive 5 hours each way, and it was pretty much perfect.

Now, I'm starting in on my Christmas card writing, hoping that if I get an early enough head start, when I inevitably burn out, it'll still be far enough out from Christmas that I can write the last few excruciatingly slowly.

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