Saturday, December 8, 2012


The twins' parents' Christmas party is tonight, so I'm babysitting and V is bartending. Each year, the kids and I spend more time downstairs and less up in their room; I'm expect to be mostly mingling this year, until the kids get overwhelmed.

It's usually a fun experience, with lots of people complimenting me on the kids and how great they are. This year will obviously be a little different, as I'm no longer their primary nanny, but I'll still take the kudos.

Of course, I just remembered that their great-uncle (I think) is also usually in attendance. He's always at their birthday parties, but I think the Christmas party too. He's known for lines like "I'd always behave if I was out in public with you" and "If you were my nanny, I'd listen to every word you said."

FYI? That's not a compliment. That's a creepy, creepy statement.
Either he won't be there/won't say anything tonight, and my life will go on as normal, or he will, and I'll have something else for the memoir I'll eventually write. Silver linings and all that.

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