Sunday, December 9, 2012


This year is quickly drawing to an end, which astounds me - and excites me, as I think 2013 is going to be fantastic. In reading over my posts from this past year, I see so much of the stress and frustration that culminated in me leaving the twins, but it still startled me when I realized it in October. It's been a wonderful decision, though it will take us a few more weeks to recover any sort of financial stability; watching them at the Christmas party last night, I felt so thrilled to be in their life and still "show them off," as it were, yet not responsible for their every day and every action.

2012 was the year of:
Patrick getting to wear sparkly pants (though I'm saddened by his mom's comment, last night, that he didn't want to get in his "fancy" (Christmas) clothes for the party, because he wanted to wear a skirt, and she said bows were fine but that was just too far) and other gender moments.
A less than successful first anniversary trip
A continuation of our wedding infamy
Free range nannying
Lots of learning how to parent
Struggling with depression still
Being gay and in love, and all that
Losing a family
The election
And, of course, saying goodbye to the twins

Obviously we still have a few more weeks, but I'm ready. 2013, hopefully the year of graduation and moving and incomes and friends and excitement.

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