Wednesday, December 26, 2012


V and I left her parents on Christmas Eve morning, and drove home. Yesterday was spent lying on the couch relaxing, cleaning the house, and watching a movie. It was the most un-Christmas-like day.

I've always wanted one of those - a holiday that I could just ignore - and now, having had one, I'm conflicted. Perhaps I like the family and the event and the festivities more than I realized. (Still not decorations, though. Those are pointless and time-consuming.) I'm glad we didn't have to mess with any of it yesterday, and we'd already celebrated with V's family over the weekend, but it was still strange.

The major perk for me, though, is that I can focus on my birthday tomorrow without being exhausted and overwhelmed from yesterday. My birthday has never felt so far away from Christmas, and I love it! It's like it's in its own special month, instead of slapped on after the biggest holiday of the year. How cool! (Yes, I'm jealous of the vast majority of the world who already has this perk.)

Happy almost-birthday to me. Now, with less Christmas!

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