Thursday, December 1, 2011


Home, we have.  Settled, we will not be for awhile.
I watched the twins last night.  I've started braiding Lilly's ponytail, and of course Patrick then wants a braid.  I told him his hair was too short (as is mine, now, when he asked why I didn't have a braid), but he opted for a ponytail.  It was adorable.
I already always have to have a bow for him when we go out anyway.  His mom loves it; his dad is less fond.
Today was our first gymnastics class in three weeks (due to sickness and holidays), and I'm so in love with them having an independent class.  It's phenomenal.  I just got to sit there, watch, chat with other parents, and write a letter to a friend.
Yesterday, due to a small power-and-refrigerated-food emergency, Patrick and Lilly actually came with me to my old house, and we moved the food at the cats to the new place.  I of course have a stash of kids books and puzzles, so they stayed and played for a good while.  It was, also, adorable.
I feel like it's an auspicious start that we had kids in the house in the first day we occupied it.  But maybe that's just because it's easily a big enough house for a nursery.
(Not now, says V.  Not now.)

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