Friday, December 16, 2011


At least, if the kids are going to repeat everything I say, I generally say decent things?

Case in point:  Patrick hadn't finished breakfast, so Lilly and I went downstairs to put laundry in the washing machine.  This is a coveted task, by the way.  When we finished, I turned on the TV down there for her; Patrick yelled down not to do laundry because he wanted to help.

Lilly's prompt response, yelled back up the stairs, was, "It's all done, sweetheart; I'm sorry.  You had a chance."

I have my struggles with "only mommy or daddy or I can give timeouts/take things away/chastise," but I love when they call each other sweetheart just like they're used to hearing from me, mommy, and possibly daddy too.  It's a tiny bit patronizing, mostly sweet, but resigned.  Yep, exactly how I say it.

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