Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Part 6 of 6

Where was I, graduation?  Sounds like a good spot.  Honestly, after there, things have been fairly smooth sailing.  It's hard to believe graduation was over a year and a half ago.  We moved, we settled, we started attending an Episcopal church, we stopped attending an Episcopal church (well, not technically - more on that later), V proposed, we had a fantabulous wedding.

On the family front, life improves, albeit gradually.  My father and I can discuss the fact that I'm married; he has conveyed his disagreement, and now we move on.  I think, in his mind, it's not like we were going to agree on everything for the rest of life, anyway.  He's not pleased, but he's resigned.  My mom seems to be coming around a bit, though she's still flatly against any of my half-siblings knowing.  V's family is confusing as always.  I think her brother and sister-in-law are on the path to approving.  Her mother, less so, but she's less blatantly hostile or depressed.

Religion?  That's out the window for now.  We are both so, so over it.  (Confession: for the past three or four Sundays, we've actually done a happy dance at some point when we realize that we have all morning and no one can guilt us into being in church.)  I love the wild freedom of not caring; I wrote about that recently.

I guess that's our story, in a black walnut shell.  It's the biggest nut I can think of.  If anyone out there has any questions, comment away!  I love dialogue, and of course, I love talking about myself.

In other news, this has been wonderful, because Patrick and Lilly have been monsters - so I don't have to write about them!

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  1. You have a really awesome blog! I'm glad I discovered it. What a beautiful story :-)