Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Part 1 of ?

It all began sophomore year of college.  My roommate's good friend had just broken up with his girlfriend, V, and they (my roommate and her friend) thought that the newly-not-girlfriend and I would be good friends.  Turns out we were.  Are.

Anyway, ours was the second or third friendship in my life where I clicked immediately with someone.  From the first time we hung out, we were inseparable.  The first six months of our friendship was rough, due to some other situations, but we spent evenings curled up into one lawn chair on the roof of her dorm.  (Note: this is just the first of many "and you didn't know?!" moments)

We were attending a conservative Christian school, which we'd both fit into during our first year or so, but we were simultaneously becoming disillusioned with the religion and the school.  During the first half of junior year, V started dating an old high school friend who was attending college a few states away.  He was a pastor's son turned atheist.  He was living with a lesbian couple, among others.  He was polyamorous, believing it was possible to love multiple people at once.  He had a live-in girlfriend.  He and V began dating.

During this time, I'd become incredibly emotionally close to her.  I was always, always straight; there was never a question in my mind of being "other."  Yet I felt myself drawn to her.  It didn't help that, during freshman year, I'd promised God that I wouldn't kiss a boy until I knew he was going to propose to me.  I wanted out of that deal.  She seemed like a loophole.


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