Sunday, August 19, 2012


Thursday to the zoo
Friday to V's parents
Saturday to where my cousin's wedding was
Sunday at the wedding and back to V's parents
Tomorrow, driving home

It's been good, though. My extended family has been lots of fun; it's been probably five years since I've seen most of them. A small phone conversation, while we were trying to meet up with some cousins for dinner, involved the line: "Well, there's six irresponsible 30-somethings in a Yaris, who've been drinking for a few hours."

That was a slight exaggeration, but yes. It was quite a fun evening. The wedding today was busy and chaotic and enjoyable and high-energy. Bride and groom looked great, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and V did an awesome job catching it all on film. (Metaphorical film. It's a DSLR.)

And my family never batted an eye. Sure, I know most of them do disagree with us, but everyone was friendly, and welcoming, and excited to see both of us.

Plus, I got to corral people for pictures, which means I got to play wedding coordinator, which I love!
(Now to get home tomorrow and return to normal (also busy) life on Tuesday.)

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  1. Isn't it just the most amazing moment, when suddenly you realize that your family isn't being weird because you brought the wife along? I think most people don't actually realize how nerve-wracking it can be just to bring our spouses along. Sounds like you had a great time. :)