Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I haven't been posting much, I know. It's been a stressful week with Patrick and Lilly's parents, as I'm trying to get two days off, and they're less than thrilled. Aside from my wedding, honeymoon, and anniversary, I'm not sure I've asked for more than two or three days off in the two years I've been working for them.

Plus, there are a lot of double standards, where they want me to get the kids home by 2, which is their technical naptime, but their mom has no problem signing them up for classes that run until 2:30 and we aren't home until 3. So she can fuck with their schedule, but I can't stay late at a playdate where the kids are having fun?

It's really frustrating. So naturally, I don't feel like sitting and writing about it. Even though I just have.

V starts her internship this week. Next weekend, we're off to visit her parents briefly and then go to my cousin's wedding, given that I think I finally actually have Friday and Monday off.

I should probably not be sitting and brooding this much, and I should be writing instead. What do you all want me to talk about, hm? Toss me some questions to get my brain somewhere else!

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