Friday, August 10, 2012


Patrick lied to me today, deliberately, for the first time. We were at the playground with friends, and he bumped into baby Kali. (I still call her a baby. She's 16 months old.) I asked him if he did (I'd just seen him run by, and then her fall), and he refused to answer. When I pressed him, he finally, slowly, said "No."

I asked Kali's mother, who'd had a clear line of sight. Oh yes he did.

We had a long talk about how if he'd just said yes, I would've asked him to apologize, and that would be the end of it. But now, since he didn't tell me the truth, he had to sit time out while the rest of his friends played.

He was unhappy. Of course, so was I!

In random cute news, as we were going to their last nature class on Wednesday, Patrick asked why it was the last one. Lilly put on her best "oh dummy" voice, though unintentionally, I think, and said, "Because, we're going to start preschool." Yes, yes you are.

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