Friday, August 31, 2012


  • Patrick, Lilly, and I met their parents at the preschool the twins will be starting at, and we met the teachers, saw the room, and generally got a little more comfortable. I'm interested to see how they do once we leave them, but they're pretty okay so far.
  • V and I took our first "pole fitness" class. Yes, it was fitness, but the name still makes me laugh. Stripper classes, here I come! It was fun, though. My shoulders hurt.
  • We're going to the Renaissance Faire tomorrow, even though there's an 80% chance of rain. We'll be wet wenches, I suppose.
  • I'm trying to find something to do (that pays) on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons, since I will now be done work by 12:30. Hope that works out, as...we kinda need it to.
  • My new favorite phrase is "electric asteroid full of tigers," thanks to Sierra. There's actually serious commentary behind it: go read her take on gender martyrdom.

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