Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Apparently the first day of preschool went "okay" according to the kids. They aren't all that excited to return tomorrow, but I'm sure in a week or two, they'll be friends with the kids in their class, and I'll get a break from "Can we play with Laura and Danielle today?"

If it's not Laura and Danielle, it's Rainbow Dash - their newest friend. And yes, Rainbow Dash is what she calls herself. She's three and a half, and she and her mom (Pinkie Pie) and her little brother, who's nine months (I can't remember his nickname; their dad is Applejack) have been hanging out with us. RD had a gymnastics class with the kids, and now we go to parks, the children's museum, and playdates at her house (she has a pool!).

Her mom is a lot of fun: swears (around the baby, but not the daughter), rants, laughs, and generally is entertaining to hang out with. And - the exact opposite of Patrick and Lilly's parents - she really just accepts germs and dirt, and knows her kids aren't going to die. It's a relief.

We spent three hours at the children's museum today with them, and we're all going to the wonderful new playground/splash area downtown on Friday.

It'll give the kids something to look forward to, during the long dark hours (all two of them) of preschool tomorrow.

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  1. I love this because I used to name myself and my family after my favorite cartoon characters all the time when I was three. And because Pinkie Pie/Applejack is one of the few MLP:FiM pairings I haven't seen yet.

    *gives little Rainbow Dash a brohoof*