Monday, September 3, 2012


V and I looked through my baby name book last night, just for fun. Boys' names are hard to come up with! Well, ones we like, anyway. V's brother already claimed an old family name that I don't mind, so that's out, as we don't want cousins with the same name.

Speaking of names, congrats to A and T on the arrival of Everleigh Jane! Best of luck in new-mommy-land, both of you.

Me, I guess I'll just stick to naming cats. Adorably, V's last name starts with L, so we now have the super cute "Little Lottie L---" running around. She hasn't learned her name yet; we'll see if she learns Lottie, Latke, or Ginger first. Right now she's busy tearing up our rug.

V and I stayed in the house for about 46 hours straight over this past weekend. It felt heavenly.

Patrick and Lilly start preschool tomorrow!!

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