Sunday, September 23, 2012


Seth and Isabella, whom I've known for two years, are moving sometime in the next few months. Their mom told me when I was over there on Thursday; I didn't cry, but boy did that put a damper on my life.  She's been one of my closer mom-friends, and the kids are awesome--exhausting, but awesome. Their dad has a wonderful job offer, so they're taking it for a few years, and then hopefully will come back (though who knows if we'll be here by then).

Seth was 3 when I first met him; now he's in kindergarten, reading, and will play Sorry! or Trouble endlessly.
Isabella was 1; now she has a big-girl bed, is in her second year of preschool, and loves Star Wars just like her brother.

I have so many memories with the whole family. They were the first people to get us a wedding present, and their mom and I have had so many wonderful conversations. The kids sing, all the time. They're adorable and super smart. And, of course, they're the source of what is still my favorite kid story to tell.

I'm going to miss the hell out of them.

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