Friday, September 7, 2012


When I dropped the kids off at preschool on Tuesday, their mom met us there, so I hung back.
Yesterday, it was all me.

We walked in, I helped them hang up their backpacks, asked them what they were going to start playing with, and then hugged and kissed each one.

As I turned to Patrick, after hugging Lilly, I noticed her turn her back to me. After I hugged him and stood up, I saw that she'd shoved her fists into her eyes, her face bright red, tears dotting her cheeks.

Break my heart.
I know they'll come to enjoy it, but that moment still sliced right through me. Patrick walked into that classroom like he was walking to his execution. Lilly wouldn't cry and carry on - she probably knows she'd get nothing that way - so she took her little almost-four-year-old pain and sorrow and tried to hide.

Break my heart.
Next week will be better.

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