Monday, December 3, 2012


We're in the last month of the year now, so hard to believe. I'm not usually a fan of December. It has my birthday, which is sometimes good and sometimes too complicated to be worth it, and it has Christmas, which always seems too complicated to be worth it.

The weather's been beautiful, though; today's high is 70. Though it also rained this morning...which is why, going around a curve, the scooter and I ended up parallel to the road, instead of perpendicular like we're supposed to be. I'm fine, just a killer headache from smacking my helmet into the pavement. The scooter starts, but doesn't sound good, and isn't running right. Just what we need before Christmas.

Oh, and protip? Don't leave your job right before a holiday at the end of the month. Financial stress is nobody's best friend. It'll straighten out in the next week or two (well, that was the case before this morning's scooter spill; hopefully it still stands), but that doesn't mean I like where we are now.

So, happy December to you all, and may we make it to the new year with sanity and speed.

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  1. Oh noes! Glad you're okay. You'll make it through!