Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exercise and eating

This is not a health blog. This will never be a health blog. But, in words I never thought I'd say, give me a little room to talk about exercise and eating. I hate exercise. Always have - until last week, when I had a CD on for the twins, and we were all bouncing around, and I realized my heart rate was up. Cardio at last! Carrying both toddlers around keeps me in plenty of shape (though I need to walk more), but my heart always got the short end of the stick. Short end of the vein? Anyway.

It's a routine now; literally one, after this morning. I did kicks, and bounced from foot to foot, and waved my arms, all set to the song. Lilly copied me for a bit, which was adorable. I got her to stand on one foot (for about half a second). I got winded fairly quickly, so I guess I need to keep up the toddler dance party. I'm okay if that's how I get my exercise!

And eating, that pesky thing that I keep forgetting to do. There's always something else: unpacking the house, laundry, entertaining the twins, writing math worksheets for Jacob, walking the dog. But when I do eat (and it's me, so of course I do), I eat oddly healthy things. I've always liked my fruits and veggies, but I've never been a health nut. Let me just announce: I voluntarily bought and tried brussel sprouts the other night. (Verdict? Not my favorite, but not the horror of childhood.) I snack on celery and craisins and unsweetened applesauce, or frozen corn and baby spinach. This is so bizarre - and I love it. I feel so healthy! Go me!

Ahem. It's interesting to see the direction my life is taking, rather without my foreknowledge. Part of it comes from looking to the future, having my own kids; I want them to be used to eating healthy, organic, local. V and I ended up thinking the same things at the same time, so our kitchen has transformed itself. And, biggest surprise of all, I don't do fast food (beside Chick-Fil-A of course).

I'm not trying to promote myself, here. I'm just as stunned as you all. But, somehow this too has to do with kids, both the ones I watch and the ones I'll have. Darn things are determined to change my whole life.

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