Saturday, September 25, 2010

Less bitter

After doing some more research, I've learned that the place V works provides benefits for full-time employees that include domestic partner coverage. There's hope, at least. But, since it's Saturday, I'm refusing to think about it.

I'm watching the twins currently, or rather, I watched them go down for naps and now I'm just sitting in the kitchen. Originally I was out of here in ten minutes, but their mom texted me (as I was typing that) and said it'll be closer to 4. Which doesn't bother me, though this is a little bit of a me-being-pampered weekend. Which means...

We're going to Babies'R'Us!!!

Yep, I get that excited about it. It's one of my de-stress places, and I can just walk around and look at pretty mobiles and new bottle designs. I'm very good about not buying anything (though occasionally V has to intervene).

Our second bedroom would be a perfect nursery. I keep trying to not think that. I fail.

1 comment:

  1. You can make your 2nd room up into a nursery for me when I come visit. I mean, minus the crib, bottles, and diapers. But the pretty animals and muted colors would be pleasant enough and I eat like a small child.