Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I was on the phone to V earlier, and she ended it with, "I love you. You don't have to say that back if-" but I'd already interrupted her (or really, not heard her) and told her "Love you."

Caroline was sitting at the table in the kitchen, where I was, and she perked up and asked, "Who were you talking to?" I told her V, whom she and Jacob have met and whom they know as my roommate, although their parents know the true story. I never addressed the issue of how they feel about their children knowing, and thought it was just easier to bypass at this point.

So, when I told Caroline who was on the phone, she gave me a quizzical glance and said "You love her?!" I was about to launch into something about how we're best friends, when she got distracted by her deck of cards and the moment passed.

It reminds me of how, when V and I first met Eve and her kids, Shelley, who's 4, always asked me where my sister was, or when my sister was coming over. When we were all in the car one day, Eve finally said, "Shelley, that's not her sister. That's her girlfriend." Eve's husband started to say something about how that would be too complicated, but Shelley just went "Oh, okay," and went back to her Magna Doodle.

V, I love you. I hope there are no children reading...

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