Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh right. A blog.

This has not been my day, and, naturally, it's therefore not my day for writing either. The twins were alright this morning - had to give Patrick a nebulizer treatment, which he's great about but it still weird. I also happened upon their baby books in their dresser, which I flipped through. They were two copies of "My (Preemie) Baby Book" or something like that, and had pages for radiation bed pictures and surgeries, etc. Honestly, it was fascinating to look through, in a slightly scary way. I just want everything to be simple when it's my turn.

Then Caroline drove me up a wall, and I did not want to stay with them till 9. I griped to V via text, which made me feel better, and now all I want is a bubble bath and my puzzle. I like the time of day when all I have to figure out is which one should come first. No more of this where's-the-pacifier, what-to-do-for-dinner, who-pushed-whom business. Bubbles and puzzle pieces. And tea.

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