Saturday, March 10, 2012


In the shower this morning-
V: Okay, I want a baby.
Me: Cough up some sperm!
V: It's not in my lungs...

We ended up at Baby Gap earlier today, since it was conveniently right next door to where we were going.  All the boys' clothes were adorable, for either gender.  All the girls' clothes were nauseating.  Which is strange, because I usually love baby girl clothes, but these were weird pastels with writing all over them.  Whereas the boys' line was stripes, plaids, jumpers, and utterly adorable orange and navy knitted bodysuit with kneepads.

And I asked V about her favorite clothes just now, and she was pretty animated in describing things.  Sometimes I don't think we want a baby for a baby's sake, but to give us an excuse to buy all the awesome kids' stuff.  We were also in a museum gift shop today, and there are so many educational kids' crafts and kits and toys.  The homeschooler in me really starts to come out.

We can has baby nao?

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