Friday, March 30, 2012


V and I had a good talk last night, about pressures in our lives.  The hours she's been working have made her less available to emotionally keep me going - not that I'm holding this against her, and she knows that.  I generally keep the logic side of things running (I'm the INTJ); she handles the sanity (she's the INFJ).  There haven't been any major mental crises, but apparently I'd just been building.

Not that I now feel the ability to go do everything.  We did just spend an hour and a half cleaning the craft room.  Moving into a way-too-large space means we've sprawled, and that sprawl hasn't been neat.  Long way to go yet - along with painting the kitchen, and hanging up the giant shelf in there so we can get half our pantry off the floor.

We've finally accepted the fact that we're not movie people.  It seems like everyone our age is, but we never really watch movies - yet we have over 60.  Well, after tonight, we have 44, which is at least better.  Even though they rarely see the light of day (or the inside of the dvd player)...some just need to stay.  44, apparently.

Sorry for the sporadic-ness.  Can you say sporadicity?  It seems like you should be able to, but it makes me think of plant spores.  Anyway, V is listening to Mitch Hedberg in the background; his erratic flow of thought apparently triggers mine.  (Though I'm not as funny, of course.)

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