Saturday, March 24, 2012


V is at a conference all day, and I'm still trying to get myself up off the couch to deal with the house.  (Note to self: See? This is what you'd give up if you had a baby.)  It's rare that I have the house to myself; it's quiet, except for the cat pushing her water bowl across the floor.

I'm supposed to be cleaning under our bed, our bathtub, and by one of the doors: all the places that the ants keep coming in.  Traps are working well, mostly, but we're both so tired of killing ants all over the house.  It's disheartening.

I guess I should do the dishes too.  But this soft brown blanket on this comfy purple couch is so welcoming.


  1. Lina,

    I've been quietly reading your blog for since you were featured on Off-beat bride. Consider me a silent supporter for you and your lovely wife's success.

    Anyway, delurking to mention that we had ants, too - the little black ones, called sugar ants here on the west coast and the only thing that really worked was Terro.

    I found them cheap on Amazon.

    Enjoy your warm blanket,


    P.S. My fiance and I are getting married in July, maybe I will submit to offbeat bride, too. Our wedsite:

    1. Hi Jessa,
      Thanks so much for commenting! It's always nice to know people come around. We ended up getting Terro traps, thanks to a recommendation by the twins' dad, but it's good to hear it echoed - they seem to be working for us, for the most part. I'm just so tired of finding one or two in each room!
      You should definitely submit to offbeat bride!! It was so awesome to have a link to send to people, and my cousin joked later over dinner that he was eating with celebrities. Congrats on being close to your wedding - enjoy every minute of it, and may it always be a source of joy for you. :)